Latest Past Events

Leadership Bootcamp #14 (full)

The Leadership Bootcamp will equip new managers with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to transition into a new leadership position. Topics will include transitioning from technical expert to manager/leader, fundamental leadership skills, leveraging diversity, conduct and discipline, and promoting employee performance.

This course is offered in collaboration with Texas A&M training partner, Eagle Leadership.

Kata in the Classroom (full)

Kata in the Classroom (KIC) is a hands-on exercise to introduce the scientific pattern of the Improvement Kata in school classrooms. It is targeted at Middle School Science teachers, but is used in a variety of K-12 and even College educational settings. Kata in the Classroom involves the activity of assembling a 15-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle several times, and experimenting with ways to do it faster.

Bleeding Control Basics (full)

This two-hour course includes a formal presentation and hands-on practice of direct pressure application, wound packing, and use of a tourniquet. The course was developed for a non-medical audience to address the needs of the immediate responder to control life-threatening bleeding until help arrives.